Extending the Scenario Horizon: Putting Narratives to Work

by Marcus Bussey


The quest for agency lies at the heart of futures work. Vuokko Jarva in her lead article for this number suggests that a clearer conception and application of narrative futures may well offer practitioners a bridge between the inner work of futures that seeks to problematize all certainties and the ‘realities’ such certainties uphold and the necessary structural features in which all human activity takes place. Thus she observes:

“Deeper participation can be achieved when the co-partners of a futures project create the future narrative, its storyworld, characters, goals, and means, as well as plan and also realize the action. The end of the story can then be the state of the future at some point in time, possibly years from the start of the story. The narrative can live alongside the action and it can change when the situation changes.” (Jarva, 2014, p. 21) (continue…)

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