Introduction by the Special Editor to the Symposium on Gaming Futures


The papers presented here within the journal symposium on Gaming Futures arose from another symposium, a live gather on Gaming the Future(s): Pedagogies for Emergent Futures, held at and hosted by Tamkang University, Taiwan, November 10-11 2016 (in association with Kyung Hee University and the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies). The symposium brought a wide variety of people together from many parts of the world, academics, futurist, game designers, researchers and others, in a warm and sunny autumn in Tamsui. Tamsui, located at the northern end of the island of Taiwan and at the mouth of the Tamsui river which snakes southward into the capital Taipei, is home to one of the longest futures studies program in existence at Tamkang University. Based on the leadership from founder Clement C.P. Chang, and Flora Chang, for over 40 years the university has been teaching futures studies, running conferences and research projects through the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies. In this context, the rationale for both symposiums has been well summarised in the conference brochure and the subsequent call for papers:

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