A Futurist Revisit to the “Value Chain”


The discipline of Future Studies and the work of the futurist have been evolving since the beginning of the profession, as have the tools of the trade. Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, as well as other technological advances, impact futures work unevenly by challenging the role of the human while bringing a vast array of technological toolsets to the profession. This article enlists Porter’s Value Chain, Inayatullah’s Six Pillars, Forecasting, and Disruption, in drawing upon the past, present, and future to inform the practitioner’s role as well as to apply models and lessons from the futures discipline to organizational behavior and management.

Keywords: Disruption, Forecasting, Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Value Chain, Strategy, Planning, Futures, Futurist, Scanning, Trends, Strategic Planning, Transformation, Organizational Behavior, Management

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