Reconceiving the Self and the Other: Possibilities Beyond the Seduction of Popularist and Authoritarian Polarities


This article asserts that the recent attraction towards popularist and authoritarian solutions, that give voice to the fear of the other are merely the product of a system doing what it is designed to do. Given this context, it argues that dialectic thinking is insufficient as the basis for dialogue; that the conflation of certainty with security is illusory and that these multiple manifestations are symptomatic of systemic disintegration. Hence it postulates that it is necessary to imagine narratives of a ‘next social system’, that draw on the wisdom of all knowledge ecologies, in order to change the dynamics of anticipation and aspiration in a reconstituted pluriverse.

Keywords: Post normal Politics, Analectics, Postcapitalsim, Sociology of Emergences, Macrohistory

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