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By Robin Lincoln Wood and Gerard Bruitzman


In pursuing our personal, inter-personal and global development from birth to wisdom, we encounter more or less satisfactory opportunities in more or less satisfactory living conditions to grow our various capabilities. Integrative maps with their mappings of various practices, such as Barrett Brown’s Conscious Leader Development Framework (2015) and the ThriveAbility’s Foundation’s ThriveAbility Journey (Wood, 2015), can prove to be useful guides for many of us. Both the CLDF and ThriveAbility Journey provide contexts in which we can acknowledge that we can wake up our noetic heart—the seer who sees our inner worlds of images, thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories in our waking and dreaming states (Smith, 2012); grow up our senses and faculties through various levels of complexity in our body-mind; tune up our various capabilities so that they are operating effectively; clean up any messes we are involved in; connect up with others in collaborative engagements;and show up in our lives as fully alive thriving human beings with the capabilities to be able to address in healthy ways our current issues in personal, inter-personal and global thriveability.

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