Towards the Creation of Wiser Futures: Sino-Africa Relations and Futures of African Development

by Tim Kumpe & Kuo-Hua Chen


Elaborating on previous wisdom discourse of futurist scholars, this paper identifies humility, flexibility, teachability, and morality as the major characteristics of wisdom. What sets wisdom as the highest form of knowledge apart from knowledge with human significance is that it is not only academically understood knowledge but also connotes that the possessor of wisdom has the ability to apply that knowledge to experience. The application of wisdom becomes the prerequisite for moving towards wiser futures. Following the wisdom discourse, the article then focuses on the delineation of scholarship and expertise on Sino-African relations which present knowledge with human significance on the characteristics of Sino-African relations with its inherent threats and opportunities. Scenarios for the creation of wiser futures are derived for African development. Putting together the expertise provides an operational basis for the function of wisdom and the creation of wiser futures.


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