Evolutionary Guidance Media: An Integral Framework for Foresight Communication

by Dana Klisanin


We are now well aware that advances in information and communication technologies  enable us to exercise an influence that extends, not only across the globe, but well into the  future. This influence is not limited to a few, but is increasingly becoming the province  of many. How can we use our enhanced technologies to communicate the importance of  foresight? How do we transmit the “cognition and imagination of possible and desirable  futures”? While there are many answers to this question, none is perhaps more fundamental  than narrative, for it is through our stories, our mythos, that we co-create our shared  experience of the world (Campbell, 1993; Krippner, 1994). Currently we find our communities, societies, and the natural world, in an unsustainable  place, in large part due to continued adherence to outdated positivistic, mechanistic,  materialistic worldviews—narratives that support fragmentation and competition. Foresight,  by its very nature, requires something more than opposition and struggle for resources— It requires cooperation, empathy, and the willingness to share resources. Thus, if we are to  effectively communicate foresight, we must begin by communicating the holistic narratives  that have unfolded within and throughout the scientific and philosophic communities  (Laszlo, 1972; Bateson, 1979; Capra, 1982; Bohm, 1980; Macy, 1991; Wilber, 1995;  Sahtouris, 2009).(continue…)

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